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Jenn's Earth Jewelry

Pendant - Silver Spirals surrounding blue-green Aquamarine and Amazonite

Pendant - Silver Spirals surrounding blue-green Aquamarine and Amazonite

This 2½ by 1½ inch, silver wire-wrapped pendant was carefully handmade using Aquamarine chips as a center piece surrounded by Amazonite beads, mobile spirals (a signature of Jenn’s Earth designs), and crowned with a Bali-style silver bead cap.  Dreaming of sunflowers and sunny days ahead, Jenn designed this piece as a welcome and a thanks to Spring.

The centralized Aquamarine stones are known to harness happiness and hope along with mental clarity, while soothing an overactive mind.  The surrounding Amazonite is also considered a soothing stone, calming the nervous system, and it is often worn to aide in optimizing and maintaining overall health and in relieving emotional trauma and related fear.  Moreover, Amazonite helps clarify its wearer’s ability to see all sides of an obstacle or problem; perhaps this is why Amazonite is known as the "gambler's stone", often associated with attracting money and success.  May you wear this attractive pendant in good health and good fortune! 

If you wish this pendant to be mounted on a chain or velvet cord, please send Jenn a message by either contacting her through this website or by email: and she will contact you with options and costs.

NOTES:  Aquamarine will fade to eventually lose its color with prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and heat, so I recommend separating it to a cool and dark place when not wearing. 

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