About Jenn's Earth Jewelry

Since times of ancient alchemists and oracles, minerals have been tools for inspiration and transformation as well as for body adornments and pigmentation.  I was born with a great curiosity about and love for crystals and have been an amateur collector and personal curator of all things “mineral” since 1987.  Now, I am sharing my Earth-inspired body decorations with everyone interested in finding insight along their path and in embracing their own becoming.  In my studio in Montana, I design and make each piece from Earth materials with love and healing in mind, and my hope is to help you find something in my collection that supports your journey.

If you wish to contact me for a custom-made piece or have questions about any of the products in my catalog, send me an email at Jewelry@JennsEarth.com or a message in the “Have a question?” link on the top if this page.