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Jenn's Earth Jewelry

Pendant - Gray Soapstone Horse with Labradorite

Pendant - Gray Soapstone Horse with Labradorite

This 2 by 1½ inch pendant was made for anyone with a connection to the magic of horses!  The soapstone horse bead has been given a throatlatch and headpiece of Labradorite beads carefully wire-wrapped with silver.  The blue and yellow opalescence of the Labradorite beads perfectly balance the gray tones of the soapstone. 

As horses are often used as therapy animals, Soapstone is also used to harness soothing, calming energies to assist in balancing emotions, mitigating irritations, and promoting clear thinking. Perfectly mirroring aspects of Soapstone, Labradorite guides the wearer toward seeing their true self through emotional obstacles blocking wisdom and it is also known to support rebalancing and recognition of characteristics and talents eclipsed by old beliefs. Labradorite is called a philosopher’s stone because of its identification with enhancing thinking and contemplation on deeper levels … a beautifully healing and enduring symbol out of Jenn’s Earth!

If you wish this pendant to be mounted on a chain or velvet cord, please send Jenn a message by either contacting her through this website or by email: and she will contact you with options and costs.

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