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Jenn's Earth Jewelry

Pendant - blue-green Aquamarine Tree of Life

Pendant - blue-green Aquamarine Tree of Life

This beautifully handmade Aquamarine Tree of Life pendant is crafted with sterling silver wire wrapping and genuine Aquamarine stones.

As its appearance suggests, Aquamarine often represents tenderness, happiness, hope and everlasting youth.  It is also thought to facilitate mental clarity while soothing an overactive mind, thus, improving the intellect and mitigating insomnia with deep relaxation.  In antiquity, Aquamarine was also considered a physical protector for soldiers and seafarers, believed to harness fearlessness and make safe its wearers from any adversaries in battle. Jenn’s unique design of this pendant symbolizes growth, long life, and strength, making it the perfect gift for a special occasion and a beautiful accessory on any chain or cord.  

If you wish this pendant to be mounted on a chain or velvet cord, please send Jenn a message by either contacting her through this website or by email: and she will contact you with options and costs.

NOTES:  Aquamarine will fade to eventually lose its color with prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and heat, so I recommend separating it from other gemstones in a cool and dark place when not wearing.  

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