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Jenn's Earth Jewelry

Pendant - Apache Tear

Pendant - Apache Tear

A polished Apache Tear from Idaho serves as the focus of this 2¾ x 1 inch pendant, welded and wire-wrapped using fine Silver. Jenn designed the triangle to be symbolic of the fiery volcanic origins of this famous stone, with the intention that this piece would help the wearer move through tragedy, release sadness, and come to love and forgiveness by transmuting negative energy. Apache Tears are thought to help us understand grief as a form of love; while this may promote tearfulness by illuminating dark spaces within, Apache Tears also reveal the unseen beauty of it without causing the wearer to sink into despondence, while comforting through peace in protection and clarity of mind. Allow release and healing to come into your life with this creation in Jenn’s Earth!

If you wish this pendant to be mounted on a chain or velvet cord, please send Jenn a message by either contacting her through this website or by email: and she will contact you with options and costs.

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