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Jenn's Earth Jewelry

Necklace - Yellow Citrine with Silver Ganesha charm

Necklace - Yellow Citrine with Silver Ganesha charm

This 18-inch necklace was designed in Jenn’s Earth to reflect the joy of springtime and rebirth of the self with Citrine surrounding a silver Ganesha charm as a reminder to remove obstacles holding you back. The round and rectangular Citrine beads are thought to activate self-confidence and joy and to mitigate feelings of unworthiness or inferiority.  Citrine is often used to aid in awareness of repetitive patterns by relieving self-limiting thoughts and replacing adverse beliefs with self-reverence, allowing your inner light to shine brightly.  Citrine beckons the wearer to accept abundance in all forms; whatever is imagined, believed in, and acted upon passionately becomes reality, which is why citrine is called the “Merchant’s Stone” and often associated with wealth and prosperity.  Additionally, this necklace is secured with a silver lobster clasp attached to white hemp for comfort and wearability in any season.

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